Ambulance (Roughs EP)

by Ted Wulfers

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Ten years ago today, I was driving back from a show in Indiana when I hit black ice on Interstate 65 heading north near Crown Point. At first, I thought I was only going to skid a bit but my skid turned into a full on slide which then turned into a spin. It was during the spin that my van and I started flipping on our left side and slammed into a ditch on the side of the road at 70 mph. I'll never forget the sound and feeling of this impact.

After the initial boom, I realized I was on my side and I tried to open my passenger door, which was now the ceiling. I had zero strength and was shaking uncontrollably and I didn't know what was wrong since I had never been in shock before. I heard the voice of a man who had stopped and asked if I was okay. He got the door open and was able to pull me out and gave me a blanket as we waited for the ambulance.

Once the ambulance arrived, I was bombarded with several health related questions which turned into some blatant harassment asking if I was high on cocaine (you doin' coke boy?) and why I had long hair and how drunk I must be.

At the hospital, all tests resulted in hardly any alcohol in my system (I had had a cpl drinks at the gig 4 hours prior) and no drugs.

I called one of my best friends and former manager Jason Feldner and my parents. Jason was first on the scene followed a short while later by my Dad, John. Once I was able to gather myself and walk out of the hospital, we went to the junkyard and saw the van. WOW.. How the hell did I survive that? The van was a total wreck and luckily my R&R guitar coffin road case had protected the two guitars and pedal board that I had for the gig. I still use this case to this day as well as the guitars.

We learned a day later that several people had died that night from hitting black ice on I 65.

Once home, I posted about the accident on Myspace (remember that?) and my friend David Lowery from the bands Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker was the first person to contact me how I was. Three days later I was in Austin, TX for SXSW and David and I caught up. I still had glass in my face.

I wrote the song "Ambulance" a few days after my wreck and it's been sitting on various ADAT tapes and hard drives over the years so I figured to celebrate the tenth anniversary of what should have been my death day, I'll release some rough versions for everyone to enjoy. I also decided to include some other related songs in this collection and they are now available for listening and download at for a very limited time!

1. Ambulance
2. Ambulance (Rock)
3. Jason & John
4. Wake Up

I wrote, sang, produced and engineered all of the songs and played all the drums, guitars, piano, cello, bass, pedal steel, organ, mellotron, accordion and percussion. Sam Thompson helped me out by adding some amazing trumpet and flugelhorn....which marks a first for flugelhorns on any of my tunes!! The piano on "Ambulance" is a direction some of my new material is heading and I'm very proud of "Wake Up".... with some recent healthy changes in my life, I've gained so many notes of range to my singing voice... which is pretty damn cool!

I'm so very happy to be alive and to be able to still be making music and keeping you entertained. It's an honor. I hope you enjoy these songs on top of all my other albums. Thanks for supporting me and my music all these years......

"I won't see the snow unless I wanna go
Back to where I almost died again
In the middle of that Indiana bend"

If you're alive, be the best human being you can be for yourself and your planet!

Gonna book a batch of new shows one of these days I get out of the studio...


P.S. WEAR YOUR SEAT BELTS! I wouldn't be here if I hadn't been wearing mine!!


released March 13, 2015

All Songs, Words & Music written by Ted Wulfers
(C) 2015, 2005 Ted Wulfers
WheresMyMarlinMusic (SESAC)

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Ted Wulfers

Ted Wulfers: Vocals, Drums, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Cello, Pedal Steel, Dobro, Mellotron, Percussion, Accordion

Sam Thompson: Trumpets, Flugelhorn



all rights reserved


Ted Wulfers Los Angeles, California

Ted Wulfers is a Singer/Songwriter, Producer & Composer based in Los Angeles. He has released 8 albums as well as TV/Film/VideoGame scores. Primarily known for Rock ‘n Roll, Americana, Folk, Blues and Ukulele music, his enormous catalog remains timeless and innovative. There's a song or lyric for every occasion along with one of the most fun, original and inspiring live music shows around. ... more

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